Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi world!

It stands to reason that my first post should be about something in a loaf pan. This is out of necessity, as well as my love for loaves! See, I only have a few baking tools here: A loaf pan, a cookie sheet, an 8x8 pan, one mixing bowl and basic hand-held tools. No muffin tin, no 9x13 pan, no spring form pan, no mixer. This recipe from Amanda of Fake Ginger was perfect: it only used 2 bowls, (or in my case, one bowl and a measuring cup), and a spatula! I used 3 Tbsp of applesauce in the place of the 2 Tbsp of butter called for, and it worked out fine. The bread wafted the loveliest smell out of the oven while it baked as an added bonus. I don't have a zester or grater that will work for orange zest, so I had to use a knife. This resulted in larger pieces of zest than usual, but I say they add a nice visual. It was quite the challenge to photograph this bread. Not because it was ugly, it wasn't, but because the light in my dorm room is horrible! I managed to find one tiny patch of sunlight coming through the small window and took advantage of it. I shared it with 3 people who were hanging out in the common area, and one proclaimed me to be "amazing". I'm inclined to agree ;) This bread is super quick to throw together and tastes great. Perfect for the last little bit of summer. Head over to Fake Ginger for the recipe and thanks for stopping by!

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