Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lions, and Tigers, and Zebras... and Giraffes!

My lovely roommate is moving away and there was a goodbye party for her this weekend. She loves all things animal print so I made animal print cookies for the party. I am often asked what is my favourite thing to bake, and I always say, "Ummm, everything?!" But really, decorating sugar cookies is pretty, no, very, high on the list. You might notice that the animals have no faces... I am not very good at decorating faces, and am pretty sure that if I had tried, my animals would look mighty weird. So, we have faceless animals. Happy Fathers' Day to all the dads out there!

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  1. These are great, Monica. You're getting a lot of use out of your huge pack of cookie cutters!! Perhaps you will start a sugar cookie fad once the cupcake fad kind of dies out?


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