Thursday, October 7, 2010

FFWD: Gerard's Mustart Tart

Yay for week 2!!!! But not for posting late, that is unfortunate! First off: My copy of Around My French Table came! And with it came a copy of Baking: From My Home to Yours, so I am all set on the reading front for a while! Secondly, expanding my cooking repertoire! A Mustard vegetable tart is about the last thing that I would think of cooking. Ever. But, just like I knew it would, this group has pushed me outside my comfort zone to try something new and exciting. And guess what? I loved it! Being the non-mustard fan that I am, I opted to substitute some onion and garlic in for the Dijon mustard. This was also because I am cheap and did not want to buy a whole jar of Dijon mustard. However, next time I think I will splurge and try it. I used dry Mustard though, and was quite liberal with it! I quartered the filling recipe and made a mini tart, which was absolutely perfect for lunch today. I halved the tart dough, thinking that half of the recipe would be easier to handle than a quarter of it. The dough that I did not use for the mustard tart, I used to make a simple plum crostata with a few plums I had kicking around. I was pleased with how well the tart dough worked with both the savory tart and the sweet crostata! Yay for versatile dough! I do wish that I had added a bit more mustard and/or salt and pepper, to add a bit more flavor, but as it was, I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s recipe. Other things that are ‘YAY’! • Being home for Thanksgiving • Pajama pants • Pumpkin whoopie pies • Autumn leaves • The Mamas & The Papas (Yes, I am still obsessed. I don’t see things changing.) • Not stalling my standard car • French Friday’s with Dorie!!!

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  1. Looks tasty! That's an interesting substitution- I will try it next time!


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